Nimbu Mini RC Drone (Colors May Vary)

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Incredible aerial fun comes in an incredibly small size with the World Tech Toys Nimbus RC Mini Drone.  At just over 3 Inches long, this little guy packs a big punch.  With its built-in gyro stabilization and 3D flight capability, you get an amazingly smooth flight that is easy to control. When you want to impress your friends just press the "Stunt Mode" button on the 2.4GHz transmitter and you can easily perform insane flips and spins.  Adding to the already impressive list of features, is the three-speed modes.

For beginners, low speed will give you a chance to learn how to control this drone with minimal effort.  Those that are a bit more experienced can utilize the medium and high speed modes and zip around the room, sure to thrill your onlookers.

If you want huge fun, in a tiny size, get the awesome World Tech Toys Nimbus RC Mini Drone, today!  

Features: 2.4GHz 4.5CH Transmitter, Built-In Gyro Stabilization, 3D Flight Technology Flip Stunt Mode, Three Speed Modes Just Over 3" in Size, Available in 3 Colors (Red, White, Black) Includes: World Tech Toys Nimbus RC Mini Drone 2.4GHz 4.5CH Transmitter USB Charging Cable Specifications: Length: 3.5 Inches Width: 3.5 Inches Height: 1 Inch Battery Requirements: Vehicle: Internal Rechargeable Battery (Included) Transmitter: 4 AA Batteries (Not Included) Charger: USB Charging Cable (Included)