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Hobby Light House

We are here to serve the young and young at heart who have an interest in custom creations and nostalgic toys that stimulate your mind and soul.Whether you are looking to spend quality time with your kids and grandkids in a way that will engage their young minds, or if you are looking to stay young at heart yourself andre-create the toys from your past - we have the action figures, model cars, diecast models, train sets, and accessories.

For everyone from beginners to the most experienced model builders! Our passion lies in connecting like-minded individuals with the education and resources they need to relive or re-create a place in your life that can only be accomplished through the know-how and products that we provide for you.

Our expert knowledge, love for building, and genuine interest in helping you connect with your younger self -motivates us to help you use your imagination, build a better mousetrap, and work with us to shine a light on the hobbies and activities that allow you to laugh a little, and leave the serious world behind while you play to your heart's content.

Note From The  Owner


Hello, William aka Bud here, owner and proprietor of Hobby Light House.  My goal is to share the fun and excitement of the hobby life. Being one that enjoys these hobbies myself, I have had experience with almost all the hobby products on this website.  I have built plastic model cars for years and engaged in “kitbashing” to accomplish that perfect model build. Using these special vehicle bodies to replace the bodies of RC vehicles gives a new perspective and character anytime I want a change in motion.  Designing model train layouts using all types of materials such as plaster wrap for landscapes, tunnels and mountain ranges are a blast. I have even finished some work on some small special diecast projects. And then there are the building brick sets! I enjoy brainstorming ideas for kits, adding size and dimension to current kits and master planning my own projects.  Let's not forget the action figures. I enjoy collecting those myself. With the Superhero and Transforming robots, I totally have you covered. The point is I love building and working on these hobbies for the pure pleasure and satisfaction of bringing my ideas to life. I have filled this site with products I enjoy so you can use them with your own unique twist and imagination.  So browse what we carry. If I do not have what you are looking for, just let me know and I will do my best to find it for you. I invite you to show me what you imagine and create with these materials. I hope you use these things to start your own hobby.

                         And if you want check out some of my personal projects I created or modified to enjoy, Visit my Pinterest board, And I am adding more every day!

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