Tips On Custom Builds With Lego And Bricks .

Posted by William Barrett Jr. on

  Tips On Lego and Brick Builds

                                                                                            Lego Kits And Custom Builds      Hey guys I would like to share ideas on all types of lego builds.I am not a master builder myself but have come up with a few creations. I like to build lego sets and make my own builds but I also like to make  modifications to the brick sets .I would like to share custom brick builds with you as well. If you if we could share photo`s of other creators projects. And feel free to follow me on Twitter and Facebook if you like and also Pinterest as well.

Here we have a custom semi truck for hauling a 5th wheel camper trailer.It needs only one tandem axle and has the aerodyne roof with a big window.  And the roof of the cab comes off to see the interior. I also like to modify my projects so 2 mini figs can set side by side instead single file.                                                                         

It also has 2 opening doors for easy entrance and exit out the back with steps on the side for climbing up and down but I am am still designing the interior though.  I haven`t figured out if I want to just more seats or put in a bunk.
Here is the cool part,the cab tilts up to reveal a custom engine that was designed by me. Don`t ask me what size engine is, I just made something up to look good.  In the next photo you will see I had run the exhaust underneath. 
                                                                   So with the exhaust, I simply run it underneath the cab that it would make the look cleaner. It gives the the cab a smoother look. 
Now the trailer.It is from a lego kit but I added and modified it so it is longer and wider but I will share that on my next post!